I should probably lay off of AOC.

She seems to be a frequent target of mine, but with good reason: so much of what she does and says is so crazy that I simply can’t turn a blind eye.

And if I can’t turn a blind eye, neither should the rest of America.

AOC is a socialist. I say that not through any assumption of mine, but based on her own admission – so I’m not talking out of school here.

Of course, if you listen to Vladimir Lenin, then you realize that calling AOC a “socialist” isn’t truly accurate because, as Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.”

That means, at best, anybody who identifies as “socialist” is simply a communist who realizes that it’s safer to say socialism.

Socialism is easily defined…

It’s the government owning and operating both the supply and distribution of goods and services.

That’s it.

Giving money to welfare recipients or providing food to the homeless ISN’T socialism; it’s welfare.

Do you want to know what IS socialism?

Universal healthcare…

Government-funded internet…

Nationalized energy…

This is ALL socialism, and these ideas should be pushed out whenever they’re brought up. Policies that enact these programs give communism a foothold in America, and we need to make sure that does not happen.

Socialism DESTROYS Every Country That Adopts It

Socialists push for policies and laws that HURT America instead of helping it.

They want to weaken us further so that we become reliant on the government’s help to the point where we can’t live without it.

AOC and her like want YOU dependent upon the US federal government. That’s why she and her fellow extremist Democrats are pushing so hard for a $15 minimum wage.

They’re either too dumb to realize what it would do to the American system…or they realize EXACTLY what it’ll do to the American system and they don’t care. Either way, a move to a $15 minimum wage would go a long way in dismantling a system that isn’t broken.

Minimum wage jobs aren’t meant to be careers; they’re meant to tide somebody over until they can get a job that is suitable for an adult and not a kid working their way through school.

You don’t get rich working a minimum wage job…

And our system is designed so that EVERYBODY gets the chance at the American dream—a piece of which is to be rich and no longer worry about being able to afford things small or big.

Keeping people under the government’s thumb – that’s what a higher minimum wage does.

If you’re merely surviving, you’re not thriving.

Our goal should be to thrive.

But this isn’t what Democrats want you to do. They want you to work at Walmart as stockers, they want you working at McDonald’s as cooks, they want you toiling in gas stations as clerks…

Conservatives want you to do whatever you want to do to be happy – but feel the highest rewards go to those with the most perseverance and work hardest.

A higher minimum wage won’t give anyone wings to fly; it creates a set of chains to keep you a slave.

That’s why many countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries don’t HAVE minimum wages. They simply have jobs that people compete for and companies that have to pay accordingly.

For that reason, people who work at McDonald’s in those countries are making $22 an hour.

Of course, half of those wages go to taxes—but hey, you get free college and health care, so it’s sort of worth it, huh?

Well, AOC thinks so, and she recently tweeted out, “It is utterly embarrassing that ‘pay people enough to live’ is a stance that’s even up for debate. Override the parliamentarian and raise the wage. CD’s workers in Denmark are paid $22/hr + 6 wks paid vacation. $15/hr is a deep compromise – a big one, considering the phase in.”

The fact that she doesn’t even acknowledge the other parts of Denmark’s economy are telling.

Which may be why she got fact-checked by a bunch of people that actually understand economics, showing just how dumb her comment really is.

Conservative-minded Dinesh D’Souza tweeted back at the Democrat Dingbat, saying, “Denmark, like most Scandinavian countries, does not have a minimum wage. It is utterly embarrassing you don’t seem to know that.”

Author and scientist Gad Saad asked AOC, “The eminent economist and leading public intellectual Dr. Thomas Sowell has repeatedly explained the nefarious effects of a minimal wage. Is he wrong? Please use simple words so that I can follow. [I’ll also retweet.]”

Isn’t it awesome how so many people are ready to come out of the woodwork and explain economics to Lexie?

Too bad that they couldn’t teach her these lessons before she got elected…

America would be way better off.


“In short, no one is employable or unemployable absolutely, but only relative to a given pay scale.” – Thomas Sowell


Editor’s Note:

If the American system is designed so that everyone gets a chance to become rich, then why do Liberals want to change it? Simple: they only want a certain segment of the population to become rich. They want to control the flow of wealth, which is as un-American as one can get. What is American? Making as much money as you want through legal means. That’s how America’s richest men built their fortunes – and we all have the ability to do the same. For instance, some of those richest men—guys like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and more—are planning to do something that could make them BILLIONS…something no one saw coming…something WE can be a part of! See what these titans of industry are doing – Go here for the whole story.