I can’t believe I’m going to write this next statement, but it’s absolutely true…

I agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now, before you send out the Conservative police to have me arrested for agreeing with one of the most Liberal and divisive Democrats to ever get elected to Congress, hear me out.

I promise, it’s not what you think.

In a recent social media post, Ocasio-Cortez told her sycophantic followers, “By the way, if you want to keep wearing your mask – then do it! Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc. NYC got hit hard that I think some of us are going to take time adjusting as we feel comfortable. Also, it’s a nice accessory when you don’t want to do all your makeup. Mask wearing is also something I’ll probably continue to doing overall from time to time if I feel like I might be coming down with something and don’t want to spread it!”

And you know what…she’s absolutely right.

Now, I know that may shock some of you hardcore Conservatives, but AOC makes an entirely valid point.

If you want to keep wearing a mask, you should!

This is what Conservatives have been saying for more than a year now!

My Body (And My Body ONLY)… My Choice

It’s YOUR choice! If you need to wear a mask to have some peace of mind in our post-COVID world, then do it! It’s a FREE country… for now. Whatever you feel like you have to do, do it! As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else, that’s always been your right.

That’s the basis of Conservatism!

In a nutshell, do whatever you want, I’ll do whatever I want, and as long as those two don’t interfere with each other and no one forces anyone to do anything, we’re ok.

That’s it.

It’s not rocket science…

However, the Left can’t seem to grasp this. They want to do whatever THEY want, but they don’t want you to do what YOU want, regardless of whether your choices even remotely affect them.

Instead, they want to force us into accepting their way of life as our own.

Nope, not gonna happen…

The truth is, the reason that Conservatives push back so much on the Left is simply that they keep trying to force us to accept their ideologies as the ONLY way to live.

In a nation full of individuals, the last thing we want is to follow somebody who we don’t feel has our best interests at heart or even shares our values.

And that’s where the rubber meets the road, right?


The Proverbial (and Political) Fork In The Road

The Left and the Right value different things, and they have different ideas on how to get the country to a good place.

The Left values social justice and feelings over everything.

They believe that our country won’t really be “free” until all the wrongs that have existed have been righted…which is a futile endeavor because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to do.

There’s no way that Americans can right every wrong that’s ever happened. We can only move forward and make sure those same mistakes aren’t made again.

The Right values freedom above everything. We believe that our country needs to be free in order to ensure that nobody gets left behind again.

That IS a possibility…

And while there may always be a minute amount of people whose every needs aren’t met, the fact remains that the only equality that we can have as a country come under the letter of the law.

Now, what happens under societal norms is a whole different ball of wax…

The only thing we can ensure is that everybody has the same rights – regardless of skin color, religion, sexual preference, or anything else that sets an individual apart.

The freedom to choose what’s best for ourselves…

That’s all we’re asking for.

If AOC can “sort of” grasp that concept, it should go a lot easier for the rest of the world.


“The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose.” – Thornton Wilder