Everyone’s favorite millennial socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez detests capitalism so much that she is going to use capitalism to destroy capitalism.

Wait, what?

That brain teaser will make sense after you read the following, as reported by the New York Post:

“The Democratic socialist lawmaker’s website is now selling a bunch of pricey apparel with trendy slogans like ‘Abolish ICE,’ ‘Drink water & don’t be racist’ and ‘Tax the rich.’”

Among the swag up for grabs is a Green New Deal organic baby onesie for $25, a $28 ‘abolish ICE’ cap, and a Green New Deal dog collar for $17.

It appears the price of the USA-made sweatshirt has since been reduced [originally $60] and is now $58.”

Talk about being self-unaware. Is it possible for a human being to be so ignorant? I didn’t think so until I learned of the existence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC is following in the footsteps of socialist icon Vladimir Lenin. The founder of the Soviet Union similarly reverted to capitalism to save his socialist experiment. That begs the question: If socialism is so great, why did he need capitalism to save it?

In the book Heaven on Earth, author Joshua Muravchik wrote, “The New Economic Policy, Lenin confessed, amounted to ‘turning back the clock towards capitalism.’ But he was confident that as long as the ‘proletariat’— that is, the party—was in power, the eventual emergence of socialism was assured…

‘We are making economic concessions to avoid political concessions.’”

Lenin would have been proud of AOC’s actions last year when her rhetoric was a major factor in Amazon pulling out of putting their new headquarters in her Queens district.

She cost her district 25,000 good-paying jobs, and she gleefully celebrated her role in the Amazon reversal. As she walked to her office in the Capitol, she told reporters: “Anything is possible: Today was the day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers and their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.”

However, the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers favored moving the Amazon headquarters to NYC; 56 % of New Yorkers approved of the deal.

One Queens resident expressed his displeasure with Ocasio-Cortez when he said: “See those bombed-out cars in our neighborhood? This isn’t Shangri-La over here. We needed this, we needed this.”

The man is a worker at a local restaurant that would have benefited from a much larger customer base if the deal had gone through.

AOC and her fellow Dems want to redistribute tax dollars and spend that money on people who haven’t earned it. In their minds, capitalism is the root of all evil and must be tamed or ended outright.

They never stop to think about who exactly pays for their big-government boondoggles. It is those evil rich people, the wicked one-percent that they hate so much. The top one percent pays 40% of the income taxes in this country and the top 20 percent of income earners pay 87% of income taxes.

How can liberals claim with a straight face that the rich don’t pay their fair share? If anyone is being hosed, it’s the wealthy. A favorite liberal talking point is to say that Trump’s tax cuts gave one trillion dollars to the rich, that it was a giveaway to the wealthy.

That talking point has one major flaw: the government didn’t give the wealthy money, they simply let them keep their own income. How benevolent of the federal government.

The best argument for tax cuts isn’t that it will grow the economy and increase revenue to the federal government—which it does. The best argument is that we the people get to keep our own money.

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