There’s a good reason that President Trump wanted to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terror organization.

They commit acts of violence in order to instill fear and intimidate people for a political goal…and that’s the VERY definition of “terrorism.”

However, the one thing that its members (as well as supporters and defenders of ANTIFA) have always said when it comes to this designation is that ANTIFA is not an organization, but rather an ideology.

Even Joe Biden made this claim during the third 2020 presidential debate, in which he said, “[Trump’s] own FBI director said … ANTIFA is an idea, not an organization.”

This is a farce.

These people would say that ANTIFA is simply a shortening of the term “Anti-fascist,” and that there is no official organization that you can join…but we know that not to be true.

If ANTIFA were simply an idea or movement, there would be members of all political ideologies. After all, you’d be challenged to find people of ANY political persuasion in the 21st Century that support fascism.

If ANTIFA Is An “Idea” – Then It’s A DEADLY One That Brandishes Weapons

But if there were any doubt remaining, one of their bigger social media pages’ description starts with this line, “Welcome to the Rose City Antifa Facebook page! Since we are an antifascist organization…”

They are an organization, and that means they should be designated as a terrorist organization.

If you need any further proof, then the events of this weekend should solidify the case for that designation.

A knife-brandishing ANTIFA member started stabbing people in DC during the “March for Trump” rally in DC, and if that’s not an act of terror, I don’t know what it.

There are a bunch of videos making the rounds on social media showing the lone ANTIFA member first being asked to leave the area where the Proud Boys were congregating (AFTER brandishing knife), and then being set upon by some of the Proud Boys for threatening them with violence.

After all was said and done, four people were stabbed – including at least one Proud Boy.

This is what happens when people on the Right protest anything.

The Leftist counter-protestors try to intimidate with violence – but forget that those on the Right aren’t cowards and will meet that challenge head-on.

In one of the videos, you can see the ANTIFA member standing alone while the Proud Boys tell him to leave. When he doesn’t comply with them, they start getting physical and trying to expedite his departure—which they definitely should NOT have done.

It was during the chaos of this confrontation that the ANTIFA goon pulled out his 4-inch blade and started stabbing people.

Watch it here:

It’s disturbing…

And shows that there has been an escalation of the violence over the past few years.

It used to be fists…

Then it became sticks with flags attached…

And now it’s knives.

Can you guess what the next step is?

This is what happens when you give weak people political leeway. They begin to think that THEIR ideology is the only one that matters instead of accepting the fact that diversity of thought is the only true liberty a free society has.

ANTIFA should have been nipped in the bud back in ’09 when they started creating havoc during the Occupy Wall Street movement…

But the Left saw how useful they could be and decided to make them the militant arm of their political ideology.

This is going to get worse…

And with Biden in charge (an obvious Trump supporter decided to buy and made it redirect to just to make the joke), you can expect things to intensify – because while he’s publicly calling for “unity,” he supports what ANTIFA stands for.

Protect yourselves out there, Patriots…

We’re all targets now.


“The fact is that when you make the other suffer, he will try to find relief by making you suffer more. The result is an escalation of suffering on both sides.” – Nhat Hanh