I know it’s a pretty heavy accusation that I’m throwing out there…but it’s not without reasoning.

ANTIFA is growing bolder and bolder in their push for Leftist-led anarchy— and by their own words, they are also getting closer and closer to becoming political assassins.

I don’t know if you saw this video…

But it’s one of the more frightening things you’ll see coming from this “idea.”

Warning: you may find this disturbing.

Yes, you heard that right…

That’s an “idea” threatening the life of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, asking him to resign after giving them they want – and if he doesn’t, he could be putting his life in danger.

It’s not like this really new—these animals tried to start a fire in the lobby of the apartment building Wheeler lives in last summer—but this is the first time they’ve stated their murderous intent openly and without subtly.

I have to tell you…

I’m both surprised and NOT surprised by this revelation.

I’m not surprised because these people are absolutely unhinged. They have a fanatical drive to create their perfect anarchical utopia, where Leftism is the religion and the people govern themselves.

They’re obsessed – and since they vilify anybody that has a different opinion from their own, they refuse to have meaningful dialogue…

Which is actually expected, since neither side of the aisle seems keen on productive and open-minded dialogue. They care more about being “right” than they do about making a difference—and until we can get back to a place where we’re open to change, it’ll simply devolve into a shouting match highlighted with labeling and name calling.

That’s why I’m not surprised by this video.

Why I AM surprised is that these people, on an individual level, are weak and generally fearful.

Sure, there are some that have a little gumption, but the fact of the matter is that most people in ANTIFA are nothing more than petulant children, many of whom still live with their parents, and have a warped and whacked-out sense of justice and freedom.

They can’t fend for themselves, so they get together in groups and try to seem powerful

They’re not, but there’s safety (and false confidence) in numbers, so while I shouldn’t be completely surprised that they’ve gotten to this point, it’s a little contradictory to what I know of these people.

How The Weak Look Strong

The weak NEED to gather en mass in order to project strength…

Their heroes, the Bolsheviks, did the same thing in the early 19th Century.

We know that these Marxists influence ANTIFA because MANY of these people actually buy into communism hook, line, and sinker. They feel it’s a superior economic and governmental system, even though it’s failed EVERY time it’s been tried…

And they’re WELL aware of the death and destruction that was perpetrated in order to gain power.

We have proof of this, too.

Recently, a Trump supporter infiltrated a chapter of ANTIFA in the Liberal-led state of California and turned the recordings and messages from group members over to the local ABC affiliateand it won’t surprise you when you learn what they said.

When planning a private action for May 1st, in celebration of a former Soviet holiday known as the international day to organize workers (or May Day, as many of us remember it), the leader of the group known as SoCo (Sonoma County) Radical Action, or SRA, said plainly, “Let’s kill some cops.”

“It’s May Day, baby, like come out and take, take somethin’ over with us,” the leader said.

Another member responded by saying, “Let’s kill people!”

The idea made the member feel so happy the sentence was punctuated with laughter.

This is what we’re dealing with…

And if you think it’s going to get better, then you’re not a student of history—because history shows that groups like this don’t just fade away into obscurity. They either get what they want or get prosecuted out of existence.

This is just the beginning of their reign of violence…

So protect yourselves. If you’re a Trump supporter or a Conservative, you’re already a target.

Forewarned is fore-armed.


In the years of the Red Terror that followed the Bolshevik Revolution, the voice of dissent was stifled by universal denunciations, house searches, and preventive arrests.Norman Davies

Editor’s Note:

The problem with a lot of ANTIFA members and Leftists is that they don’t have enough strong male influences in their life. This is a huge problem for a LOT of Americans. I was lucky. I may not have had a father in my life, but I did have a grandfather who took that role to heart. He taught me a lot of things – especially what it meant to be a man. One of the biggest lessons he taught me was both a lesson for life and a lesson in construction. “Measure twice – cut once.” Double-checking your facts is ALWAYS a good idea – which is why when I came across this innovation, I just had to share it. You’ll be amazed at what this can do…