While the events of 2021 so far haven’t been as shocking as they have been predictable, one thing I did not expect to see was ANTIFA harassing American citizens in broad daylight.

Radical Left-wing extremist group ANTIFA took to the streets this weekend to terrorize Trump supporters, police, and anyone else who got in their way—including a dog at one point.

Now that Democrats are set to take control of the presidency, Senate, and Congress following a volatile election season, the Left appears to be running amuck.

To reiterate what I’ve said in previous articles, the violence that was instigated at the Capitol by radical Trump supporters should never have happened and should be harshly condemned.

However, the anti-Conservative actions that followed, egged on by the mainstream media and Big Tech, are unbelievable.

Not only did President Trump get kicked off almost every social media platform possible (along with many of his supporters) but we witnessed ANTIFA terrorize people in the streets of California and New York.

In San Diego, ANTIFA arrived early to a “Patriot March,” which was scheduled to begin at 2 pm, to intimidate people into not attending.

Police in full riot gear were met with projectiles ANTIFA threw at them, including glass bottles, eggs, and rocks, according to KUSI News.

ANTIFA also sprayed mace at people who planned to attend the rally and bystanders on the street—including one dog.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared a video which he captioned, “A mob of antifa assault a small group of conservatives in San Diego, Cal. The black bloc mob is also waving an #antifa flag.”

Similarly, in Manhattan, New York, hundreds of ANTIFA members marched from Central Park to Madison Square Park on Sunday afternoon, according to the New York Post.

Wearing heavy gear such as shields and helmets, they marched together past an NYPD substation in Times Square and chanted, “Burn it down,” the outlet reported.

Many of them appeared to carry signs that said “Trump/Pence OUT NOW!” but despite their heavy presence, no acts of direct violence were reported.

It is unclear at this time if these were coordinated events, or if we can expect to see more of them in the future. However, the fact that ANTIFA now feels it is free reign for them to march through our streets, intimidating and threatening local residents, is quite terrifying.

If this is a preview of what a Joe Biden presidency looks like, we should be very concerned for the future of America.