As the George Floyd protests continue and tensions escalate, the radical Left’s disturbing plot is all coming together. Could it be that ANTIFA is being used to cause distrust and overthrow America’s government institutions, pushing the Black Lives Matter movement to the front and center?

According to a report on Wednesday, an anonymous law enforcement official with access to classified intelligence made a shocking revelation regarding the origins of the riots.

The official told The Washington Times that ANTIFA has been plotting domestic anti-government insurgency on a national scale since November 2019. The domestic terrorist group intentionally began strategizing attack plans when presidential campaigns began to heat up last year in order to cause chaos during the 2020 election. The outlet stated the official would not speak on the record about ANTIFA’s future plans for the upcoming months preceding the election.

If this is true, it’s scary, to say the least. We knew ANTIFA was a violent organization, but I think conservatives have generally underestimated them due to their stereotype as a bunch of crybaby liberals who would pose no real threat if they couldn’t mask themselves. However, ANTIFA’s actions during these riots, prompting Trump’s plans to declare them a domestic terror organization, have proven they are far more threatening to Americans than previously thought.

Perhaps ANTIFA’s violent intentions are in service to much larger ulterior motives from other Left-wing organizations who have been largely silent on the unrest. It’s entirely possible that they’re working alongside groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM), whose activists and organizers still attempt to justify the horrible actions of rioters.

Many BLM advocates accept the actions of the rioters because of what they say is 400 years of atrocities committed against blacks in America. Many argue that no change has ever come for the black community, stating things like cops still “lynch” black Americans when they can get away with it. So, to them, America deserves the destruction ANTIFA and other rioters are causing, and while many might not participate in the violence, they aren’t taking steps to stop it.

I’d like to clarify that this obviously does not reflect on many of the regular citizens who are currently protesting injustice. I’m instead referring to the views of extremists, a group that includes, but is not limited to, certain organizers and representatives for BLM.

That said, Hawk Newsome, the Chairman of BLM’s New York Chapter, expressed extremely alarming plans in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail TV. He revealed that BLM is “mobilizing” its base in preparation for an all-out “war on police.”

Newsome, who runs the largest BLM chapter in the nation, explained he is getting ready to release a “blueprint” for change which will be modeled after militant black power groups who came before them. Newsome stated, “We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an arm to defend ourselves.” He continued, “We will build and train peace officers to keep the peace in our communities, to defend our communities, to keep our communities safe.”

To do this, the BLM leader says “we have Special Forces officers advising us, and we will teach and train the Black Ops department.” To sponsor this vision for the blueprint, Newsome says his chapter is raising money for a “war chest” in a vacant church where they plan to build a headquarters in New York.

Newsome says “peace,” but his message is not the image of peace. A “war on police” is not peaceful, nor is militarizing the black community with war chests and weapon stockpiles. This deception could prove to be harmful to his community, putting them at even higher risk of dangerous encounters with law enforcement.

Another problem that presents itself with BLM’s plans is this: what constitutes “police brutality?” Is arresting any black person, regardless of what crime they may have committed, going to be considered as such? What if police have to use some degree force in order to overcome someone resisting arrest?

This “war” is bound to create a dangerously hostile environment for both the black community and police officers, instilling growing fear into both groups. Fear can cause very emotional reactions from any human being, and fearful overreactions during police encounters can prove to be deadly for both sides.

Rather than going the American way and using non-violent means to achieve their goal or using the legislative system we are blessed to have in this country, BLM is choosing to take the aggressive route.

That’s what ANTIFA and BLM both have in common in this situation. They are both promoting hostility and violence toward law enforcement. BLM is effectively shielding ANTIFA from facing consequences by justifying their actions, likely because destroying police control of law and order sets the stage for BLM’s militant group to assume dominance on the streets.

This is essentially an attempted coup d’état on law enforcement. The American people deserve better than resorting to violence to threaten police, who largely work to protect them.

BLM plans to reveal their grand plans in Times Square, New York on Saturday. As that date approaches, the nation holds its breath and seems to be bracing for the worst.

Stay tuned for updates.