The “F**k Joe Biden!”…I mean “Lets Go Brandon!” movement has gone worldwide.

That’s right, the chant that began at college football games, then spread to NASCAR races, baseball games, concerts, has now crossed the Atlantic ocean and popped up in the streets of Rome.

Yes, that Rome…the one in Italy.

The Eternal City is known as the home of the Vatican, the Caesars, and now also the European center of the “F**ck Joe Biden” movement.

This past weekend, anti-vaccine mandate protesters began calling out the ubiquitous chant as they strolled past the American embassy.

A British citizen, whose parents allegedly died from vaccine-related complications, tweeted, “Protesters in Rome chant ‘Fuck Joe Biden’ as they march past the American Embassy.”

Remember when the international community—especially our allies—cheered upon hearing the news of Joe Biden’s ascendancy to the presidency?

They proclaimed that an “adult” was back in the White House, and in Biden, they had a partner that they could trust to have their backs.

Yeah, those were the days. But sadly, the world was wrong.

Italians now have something in common with Americans: neither group likes Joe Biden.

A few weeks ago, NASCAR fans could be heard shouting F**K Joe Biden as the winner of the race was being interviewed following his victory.

Breitbart reported that “The chant broke out during the post-race interview with race winner Brandon Brown after he wrapped up his first Xfinity Series race victory.

Right after Brown gushed that his ‘dream came true’ in the interview, fans could be heard chanting the now seemingly ubiquitous chant.

The NBC reporter did her best to cover for Biden by claiming that the fans were chanting, ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’ But it is very clear that this is not what the fans were chanting.”

Just like their American counterparts, the Italians have much to be angry about. The Italian government is imposing the toughest vaccine mandates to date.

CBS News reported, “Central Rome was gripped with violence this weekend as thousands of protesters marched against the toughest new vaccine mandates in the world. All Italians will soon be required to show a coronavirus “Green Pass,” proving either vaccination, recovery in the past six months, or a negative COVID-19 test from the past 48 hours to enter their workplaces.”

Joe Biden isn’t just unpopular in this country, but he is drawing the ire of people the world over.


It must be lonely being Joe right about now.

He might want to go back to his Delaware basement and wait for his popularity to recover. It seems that the only way Biden can make anyone like him these days is to stay away from public life.

It worked for him during the campaign, so why not try it again?

And If he is going to go on an extended vacation he might want to avoid Rome… just saying.