Was the assassination attempt on a federal judge linked to an Epstein case a coincidence or part of a conspiracy?

In this episode, the FreedomWire crew (Shawn, Grace, Connor, and Ryan) discuss the recent assassination attempt on Federal Judge Esther Salas. Judge Salas was recently assigned to case involving Deutsche Bank, its investors, and its relationship with deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Some may see the attempt on her life as a coincidence, but is there more going on here?

The team analyzes how the media is largely ignoring the Epstein connections, playing it off as the actions of a lone madman…but developments point to a bigger story. Suspect Roy Hollander, the alleged shooter, was found dead in his apartment from an apparent suicide, raising even more questions. The very nature of the case reeks of conspiracy.

Shawn also goes off the deep end discussing conspiracy theories—leaving the rest of the crew speechless. Don’t miss it!

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