Do you remember the atmosphere going into the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

The lopsidedness of the mainstream media’s opinion on which of the two would win was almost criminal.

Almost to a man, they had Hillary running away with the Presidency.

They scoffed at the idea that Trump could beat her, dismissing out of hand the idea that the gruff businessman from New York had more than a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the former First Lady and multi-decade experienced career politician.

On an appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time show, Ann Coulter was asked who she thought stood the best chance of being president, and she famously said, “Right now, Donald Trump,” and Bill and his Liberal guests laughed her out of the building.

It was something that made Hillary’s defeat that much sweeter.

Every poll had Hillary up by at LEAST 8 points, some as much as 14…yet still, when all was said and done, she lost.

Now, 2020 is a lot different.

The Dems put up a much more likable candidate in Sleepy Joe Biden, making Trump’s pathway to victory way harder than it was four years ago.

Stacking The Deck In Biden’s Favor – Did It Work?

However, it doesn’t seem the Dems had much faith in the Sleepy Joe either. As evidence mounts that there were indeed multiple different instances of voter fraud, it looks like they had to stack the deck in his favor just to be safe.

And why wouldn’t they?

Trump is a juggernaut that gets tens of thousands of people to come out and support him. That’s quite a sight to see for sure, and it more than likely made Dems very nervous.

However, with the mainstream media calling the election in Biden’s favor (before the states certified their votes, mind you), the Left is acting pretty confident that Creepy Joe will be the next POTUS.

The Right, however, isn’t too sure. We realize that the outcome of this presidential race is far from over due to all the discrepancies.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Left from making memes about Trump getting kicked out of the White House, and it hasn’t stopped politicians from making claims that could very well blow up in their faces.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg may have one of those karma bombs go off right in his smug mug, because he just said something that no politician should right now.

Mayor Pete Makes Some BOLD Claims

Buttigieg told MSNBC, “The bottom line is, uncertainty is bad for the economy. There’s no uncertainty over who the president-elect is going to be. There’s no uncertainty that Joe Biden will put his hand on a Bible on January 20, take the oath and become the President of the United States. But there’s a lot of uncertainty now over whether this transition will be well managed.”

There’s “no uncertainty,” Pete?

Then why are you talking about it?

Why do you even need to bring it up? If there wasn’t any uncertainty – you’d probably be sitting home watching reruns of the Golden Girls instead of talking to reporters.

Buttigieg went on, “Look, the last time we had a crisis anywhere near this big, 2008-2009. And the outgoing Bush administration, to their credit, worked with the incoming Obama/Biden administration on things like rescuing the auto industry, figuring out what to do with the financial system because they knew that you couldn’t just take a break and hope that nothing terrible would happen in those few weeks when the system was blinking red and the house was on fire. It’s the same thing right now. And so, look, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, not known for being a Democrat-friendly organization, this is not about politics for them. What they are saying is the economic cost of the obstruction of the failure to cooperate is real, even though it has no bearing on the simple fact that Joe Biden is going to be our president in a matter of weeks.”

Right, there was a crisis going on back then…

But Obama didn’t need to cheat to win either.

The point is moot because, regardless of what you think should happen, the bottom line is that this election should not and cannot be called for EITHER candidate yet.

Anyone calling it should refer to all the people who wound up screaming at the sky over their disbelief that Donald Trump was going to be the 45th President of the United States.

However, those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it, and it seems the Dems want to live the past 20 years over again…

Because it doesn’t seem like they learned a thing.


“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!” – Screaming Liberals, Inauguration Day, 2016