Andrew Cuomo may be the worst kind of human there is.

He purports to be this magnanimous guy, but when you take a look at his policies, actions, and rhetoric, the truth becomes more and more apparent: Andrew Cuomo is not a good guy.

In fact, the more information that comes out, the more it seems that Cuomo is actually every bit as bad as the stereotypical villains that we’ve seen over and over again in stories told throughout time.

His policies during the pandemic have not only been harmful to businesses and families in New York, but also DEADLY for the citizens of his state—especially the elderly.

My own brother lost his in-laws to Cuomo’s policy of forcing retirement homes to take COVID-infected patients into their facilities.

Thousands upon thousands of people died needlessly because of Andrew Cuomo directly…meaning their blood is on his hands.

Luckily, the FBI is investigating whether or not Cuomo actually covered up the numbers of his state’s nursing home deaths (saying he had only 8,500 when in truth the was over 15,000), so maybe we’ll get some kind of justice for this travesty.

Not A Good Month To Be Governor Cuomo

However, not only is he responsible for THOUSANDS of lost lives in his state…

But now, more and more women are emerging by the day to reveal that they have felt sexually intimidated or assaulted by the Governor.

Cuomo has denied these allegations, but as they pile up—and the evidence piles up with it—it’s starting to look like he is exactly the man they have accused him of being.

Of course, Conservatives have been calling for him to resign for months now…

But with each sexual assault accusation that drops, more and more of his own Democratic party members are piling on and asking for him to step aside as well.

This is actually dumbfounding to the Right.

He’s got the blood of a few thousand senior citizens on his hands, but it was the sexual assault allegations that got them to ask for him to resign? That’s telling, isn’t it?

But if these weren’t enough to drive Cuomo out of polite society for good, something else has emerged that could finally seal the deal and show New York—and America as a whole—just what kind of “man” Andrew Cuomo actually is.

A new report has surfaced that accuses Cuomo of abuse of power…

Just not in the way you think.

Nepotism At Its FINEST!

You see, it’s being reported that that the governor ORDERED NY health officials to prioritize COVID tests for his mom, sister, and CNN “reporter” brother Chris “Fredo” Cuomo back in March of last year. This was back at the height of the pandemic, when tests were not widely available to the public, even for front-line workers themselves.

The Albany Times Union broke the story.

Reporting on the allegations that Cuomo ordered top-level state health officials to test his family members for COVID came from the testers themselves. The medical officials enlisted to do the testing included Dr. Eleanor Adams, a Harvard Medical School graduate who also functioned as a special adviser to NY Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.

It appears that NY health officials traveled to Chris Cuomo’s Long Island home to carry out testing while the duo’s mother, Matilda Cuomo, and one of the governor’s three sisters also received early testing at their residences as well.

Talk about nepotism…

In the grand scheme of things, it may have only been three tests, but the fact is, those tests should have been reserved for those that actually needed it!

Cuomo has killed thousands…

He’s being accused of sexual assault…

And now, it seems, he abused his power to ensure that his family had access to testing that SHOULD have been reserved for frontline workers.

Is Cuomo fit to govern New York?

Should Cuomo resign?

Is he a terrible human being?

You be the judge…


“A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it when acquired.” – Alexander Hamilton