By FreedomWire Contributor Rusty Shackleford

There’s not a person I know that wasn’t absolutely appalled by the video of George Floyd’s life being snuffed out at the hand of police.

Any Jiu-Jitsu newbie could tell you that the position that officer had Floyd in was deadly. It was a carotid artery choke, using the cop’s entire body weight concentrated on one driving point. That’s about as deadly move as it gets.

It’s incredible that Floyd didn’t die sooner.

Unless some news bombshell comes out saying something like “New video reveals Floyd broke loose of his handcuffs and grabbing for an officer’s gun” (something we’re never likely to hear), then this cop deserves to rot in jail for a LONG time.

But that’s not what this article is about.

With protests devolving into riots across the country, the issues surrounding George Floyd’s death have been dragged into the light of day. Listen to any protester and you’ll know what issues I’m talking about.



Police brutality…

Now, please bear with me, because I’m going to say some things here that may seem insensitive.

These protests aren’t about fighting police brutality. They’re about what fighting police brutality can accomplish for the Left.

As Rahm Emmanuel famously once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Just as the Left has used the coronavirus pandemic to rapidly advance their radical agenda any way they can, they’re capitalizing on these protests/riots to accomplish a political goal.

What happened over the weekend was sickening, and all Americans Left, Right, or Center should be concerned. It was Benghazi unfolding right here on American streets, and that idea should shock each and every citizen of this nation.

Protesters-turned-rioters looted millions of dollars’ worth of goods from any business in their path, and they caused hundreds of millions in damage, setting fires to low-income housing, construction sites, and police cruisers in multiple cities across the country.

But things get even worse. In Minneapolis, rioters even began acting like domestic terrorists, cutting the gas line to a police precinct and setting it on fire while police were still in the building. The goal was obvious: injure or kill every officer in that building.

This didn’t take place in some third-world warzone; this was in an American city!

Thankfully, the building didn’t ignite, and even though it was trashed by rioters, a disaster was averted.

But how the hell does a police station get overrun? They’re supposed to be the ones armed with guns!

I’ll tell you how. The entire department was ordered to stand down by their gutless wonder of a mayor, Jacob Frey. He’s the only one who could have made that call…and it looks like he made the wrong one.

The mayor of Baltimore made a similar call in 2015 following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, and the consequences were similarly disastrous. The city burned, people were killed, and businesses were so severely damaged that they never reopened.

No Arrests

But here’s my question: Who did Mayor Frey talk to before he made that call?

Did he speak with anyone from the DNC? Anyone from ANTIFA? What did they talk about?

We already know he spoke with Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, two of the biggest racial flamethrowers in modern America. After all, they’re coming to town to demonstrate and need permits, so they must’ve communicated with Frey somehow.

Simply put, the brutal death of a man trying to pass a phony $20 bill is just the window-dressing the Left needs to push their agenda.

Violence is just fine in their book, and they’ve gone out of their way to prove it over the years.

Remember when a black sniper killed five Dallas police officers in 2015? That was after two years of Black Lives Matter spreading false narratives about the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown cases.

Brown’s shooting death at the hands of police created the popular slogan “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” even though that’s not actually how things went down. Michael Brown actually forced himself into the window of the squad car to go after the cop’s gun, but no one paid that part much mind.

But all that’s irrelevant.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” was a marketing slogan prepared by DNC operatives to push the “racist white cop” narrative.

Never let a crisis go to waste…

I think the bigger story here is how these Blue-state democrats continually walk into a bar, throw a punch, then crawl out as the violence ensues.

That said, we know will happen next:

Paid protestors will be bussed in from all over the country to further damage and enflame the city of Minneapolis.

Organized riots will further sync up in cities across America (we’re already seeing it happen). The media will cover these as spontaneous peaceful protests. They will be sympathetic to the rioters’ cause to the point of calling terrorists “heroes.”

Donald Trump will be blamed first (already done). Then Republicans will get lumped in, then conservative news personalities like Rush Limbaugh, and ultimately white people in general.

This will continue throughout the summer.

It will be the distraction du jour leading up to the election in November, a supplement in case they lose their coronavirus fearmongering campaign.

People will die as tensions escalate.

In the meanwhile, average everyday citizens in states like Michigan, California, Illinois, and New York will protest governments that are keeping them going back to work to earn a living, enforcing coronavirus lockdowns even as protests spread.

The media will cover these protesters as militant and dangerous, and call for them to be rounded up.

There Will Be More Arrests

Gym owners, salon owners, bar owners, and restaurateurs who have the audacity to show up for work will be accused of endangering the public good, and many will be sent to jail for violating lockdown orders.

Governments will arrest the good guys and let the bad guys walk free.

That’s a recipe for disaster, and until we manage to do something about it, the crisis is only going to spiral out of control.

Rusty out…