Americans are a rebellious people by nature. Our country fought a bloody revolution to overthrow tyranny. We are a nation of pioneers who set out to discover new lands and build new communities in far-away western lands. But Americans didn’t stop there. Next, we then looked to the stars and landed a man on the moon.

Now, there are state leaders and an entire political party that want to keep us locked down in our houses. Americans have already obliged these leaders once, and we are unlikely to do it again.

Governors in Michigan, New York, New Jersey, California, and Washington are sending residents of their states back into quarantine…but why would any of these residents trust these leaders? They told them back in the spring that stay-at-home orders would only last 15 days. The entire country was told that it would require a mere “15 days to stop the spread.”

Well, here we are eight months later, and they are asking Americans to do the same again. But they’re ignoring the fact that the virus is spreading worldwide. This phenomenon isn’t unique to the United States! Europe has locked down again and they have had stricter lockdown policies than the U.S.

They also ignore the fact that over 80% of Americans report that they wear a mask whenever they go into public, despite there being mixed evidence as to whether masks are effective at stopping the virus. Counties and states around the country require masks and have done so for months, but the virus persists.

Expecting Americans to not host their extended families for Thanksgiving and limiting how many mourners can attend a funeral is going to be a bridge too far for millions in this country. These Democrat leaders are beyond naïve if they believe that Americans are going to follow these draconian and unconstitutional orders.

The sad truth is the virus is going to spread no matter what our political leaders do. It is a contagious disease that is easily transmitted, regardless of whether there is a mask mandate or not. It is absurd to claim that because Joe Biden has been elected that he will “stop the virus.” Unless he has the power of a Greek god, that isn’t going to happen just because he will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Until there is a vaccine—which there might be very soon, if media reports are to be believed—we are going to have to live with the virus by protecting the most vulnerable the best we can.

It is a sad truth that no politician would ever admit. They want us to believe that, if we cede more of our liberties to them, they will contain the virus.

This is hogwash and Americans are no longer going to allow their liberties to be subverted by politicians who live in an ivory tower and think they can control our lives. That isn’t going to happen.

America is a country of restless, relentless rebels. If history has taught us anything it is that no one can tame the independent spirits of Americans. And no one ever will.