Abraham Lincoln once said that “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time or die by suicide.”

Lincoln was sadly correct. There is no enemy nation that can take out the United States. For America to fail, we would have to destroy ourselves…and that is exactly what is happening.

Too many Americans take for granted all the material comforts that we have. Kings and queens even a hundred years ago don’t live in the same lap of luxury as do lower-income people today.

Until recently, America had also made great progress on race relations, only to see that progress upended by the rioting and looting last summer following the death of George Floyd.

This time should be the best time to live in the history of the world. However, we have had it so good for so long that now Americans on the Left are creating division over problems that didn’t exist until they made them appear to be real.

To say that America is still as systemically racist as during the Civil Rights Movement is an insult to the Civil Rights leaders who risked their lives for freedom.

Contrary to public opinion, there is not a war on black people by the cops. But still, that false narrative exists.

This a great time to live in America. But you wouldn’t know that by listening to the mainstream media who seek to divide the country and then claim that the country needs to unify, which is another way of saying the country has to unify behind their point of view.

Another problem with our society right now is that our educational system teaches our kids to despise the country they live in.

They are not taught enough about the Founding Fathers and the system of government they established. They are also not taught about socialism, so they think it’s a cool idea that will make everything in economic life fair.

However, that is not how life works. Life is full of cycles of both up and down moments.

This is a downtime in our history, but America has overcome far greater obstacles.

Despite what the media claims, there is no place better to live than America.

Instead of disrespecting the country, athletes, businessmen, and the mob should acknowledge that America is the best country on earth.

There has never been a nation like America that learned from the mistakes of past governments and implemented better checks and balances than had ever been done up to that point.

America is a great country. There is no place I would rather live.