Usually, when I think of censorship, I think of tech and social media conglomerates like Google, Twitter, or Facebook. Even so-called news platforms like CNN has censored some of their guests who go against the prevailing narrative on their live shows. While those are all the predictable self-proclaimed arbiters of truth, I never really took Amazon, or its Jeff Bezos, for the “censoring” type—yet here we are.

On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk went to bat for former New York Times reporter and fellow outspoken anti-lockdown advocate Alex Berenson, who posted on Twitter that Amazon was refusing to sell his new book. Berenson’s book, titled Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns: Part 1: Introduction and Death Counts and Estimates, does a deep dive into the murky questions that were never fully answered by our “medical experts” during the pandemic. Like Berenson, Elon Musk has also been outspokenly against lockdowns.

From one widely respected tech mogul to another, Musk weighed in with his latest unexpected response, “Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong! This is insane @jeffbezos”.

Musk’s response came after Berenson posted a picture of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing’s rejection notice which stated, “Your book does not comply with our guidelines. As a result, we are not offering your book for sale.”

Alex Berenson’s Email From Amazon

Amazon just attempted to use arbitrary “guidelines” as justification for censoring a book that seeks to provide the public with answers derived from a collection of scientific journals, government data, and CDC reports.

Berenson simply uses this data to answer questions including: how are COVID deaths counted? What does the evidence prove about the effectiveness of lockdowns? Do masks work? Why were expert predictions ultimately so wrong? What has the mental health impact of lockdowns been? Answers to all of these questions are relevant to the public’s knowledge, but Amazon wants to hide these important truths.

Now, Jeff Bezos was never someone I considered an outright “Leftist.” If anything, he’s always acted like more of a typical elitist globalist. But what do both Leftists and globalists have in common? They both work to advance an agenda to break the principles that America stands for to transition the country down a progressive path.

Amazon is attempting to hide pertinent information that could threaten the legitimacy of the nationwide lockdowns and expose them for their true intention: control. It could also reveal the truth behind the faulty information that Doctors Fauci and Birx fed the public during their time on the national stage. Why might Amazon want to prevent that? Well Bill Gates, as we know, is a globalist too, and he has significant ties to both doctors.

We cannot allow this kind of control of information from anyone, let alone from Amazon, the world’s biggest, most powerful e-commerce site which has monopolized most of online buying and selling.

However, thanks to Elon Musk’s call to attention on the censorship of Berenson’s book, Amazon’s publishers listed it for sale. Berenson victoriously thanked Musk for his efforts. After only 24 hours, his book now sits at #2 on the Amazon Best Sellers list, and #1 in the Communicable Diseases section.

Let’s hope that the trend continues, allowing even more people to learn the truth.