Populist uprisings continue around the world as people become fed up with the elitists who are too busy making decisions in their own best interests to care about the well-being of their countries.

In 2016, we witnessed the BREXIT movement, President Trump’s anti-establishment campaign, Bolsonaro’s run in Brazil, and Guaido’s interim presidency in Venezuela—all of which rose to power in opposition of the hated wealthy elitists who control society.

Over the past four years, that momentum has only grown. Now, we are seeing uprisings of pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong, American “WallStreetBets” gamers taking on wealthy hedge funds, and free speech supporters protesting in Russia.

Citizens around the world are growing restless at the fact that our respective freedoms seem to become increasingly suppressed.

One of the most recent uprisings took place in Russia last week pending the return of Putin-critic Alexei Navalny after he was poisoned with Novichok, a military-grade nerve agent, while he was visiting Siberia.

After his poisoning, he was rushed to Germany for treatment, where he remained hospitalized for several weeks until he made a full recovery.

Although unconfirmed, many suspect the Russian government is responsible for attempting to fatally poison Navalny due to an expose he released accusing Putin of building a “billion-dollar Putin palace” using embezzled public funds.

Germany and other countries have strongly denounced Russia’s actions, calling on them to respect their own law as well as international rule of law.

However, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman responded, “Respect international law, do not encroach on national legislation of sovereign states and address problems in your own country.”

Despite the Russian government threatening to immediately arrest him if he returns, Navalny returned to his home country in defiance.

Last weekend, Russian police followed through on their vow and arrested him as soon as he landed at the Sheremetyevo Airport.

“I have not only truth on my side, but also justice. I am not afraid,” Navalny said as he was taken away by police.

His arrest prompted the biggest anti-government protests Russia has seen in many decades, with tens of thousands of Russians gathered all across the country to support Navalny and his right to freedom of speech.

Police cracked down on the demonstrations by arresting nearly 4,000 Russians on charges of unlawfully gathering.

Regardless of international warnings and massive uprisings across the country, a Russian court rejected an appeal against Navalny’s detention and ordered that he remain jailed.

Navalny told the judge, “You won’t succeed in frightening us. We are the majority… I’m happy that more and more people understand that the law is on our side, that we’re in the right.”

“We’ll never allow … these people to seize and steal our country. Yes, brute force is on your side now. You can…put me in handcuffs. (But) that will not continue forever,” Reuters reported.

Navalny is the latest of many victims around the world who have been persecuted for criticizing the government. It’s important that we remain informed on stories like this where the fight for freedom continues.