Becoming the latest state to follow Texas and Florida in legislating protections for election integrity is the state of Alabama.

On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed House Bill 285, which effectively bans the use of curbside voting machines. It also outlaws election workers from setting up voting machines outside of designated voting places.

This excludes accommodations made for those who are handicapped to be able to conveniently vote at polling places, as required by the Americans with Disability Act, WZDX reported.

However, the state clarified that voters with qualifying disabilities are also eligible to apply for an absentee ballot.

Ivey signed HB 285 after it passed the state’s GOP-majority Senate by a party-line vote of 25 to 6.

Alabama’s Secretary of State said the bill will help to ensure that “each vote is counted accurately, honestly, and independently,” by outlawing the use of curbside voting.

“Since taking office, we have always prioritized securing the chain of ballot custody. By keeping the ballot in the hands of the voter, we ensure each vote is counted accurately, honestly, and independently from any poll worker or third party,” stated Secretary of State John H. Merrill.

“We are especially grateful to our sponsors Representative Wes Allen (R-Troy) and Senator Dan Roberts (R-Mountain Brook), as well as the rest of the Alabama Legislature, for their dedication to securing our elections and protecting the right of Alabamians to cast a secret ballot,” Merrill added.

The passage of Alabama’s latest election integrity bill hopes to prevent bad actors from tampering with ballots placed in undesignated voting locations in the state’s future elections.


Source: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs bill banning curbside voting