Man, how awesome would it be to be as cool as former president Barack Obama?

This guy could be the coolest president to ever hold office. Even cooler than his saxophone-playing democrat predecessor — Ol’ Slick Willy himself, Bill Clinton.

When it comes to coolness, Obama has it down.

From his bro-down handshakes with his buddies…

To his celebrity friends like Jay-Z and Beyonce.

And do you know how we know he’s cool?

Millennials love him. They absolutely adore him. Twitter went crazy the other day about the choice of outerwear he wore to a basketball game.

Literally, Twitter was buzzing about his sleek, black bomber jacket with the ultimate cool factor on it — an embroidered “44” on the sleeve, denoting his place among presidents.

And all I can think is…


The man that has done more damage to America than any other president before him, gets more love from Hollywood and the misinformed youths of today, than almost any president before him.

And that was the problem with Obama…

He cared more about image than substance.

He had us hoodwinked, didn’t he? His 2008 campaign was masterful. He had America hooked on his “Hope and Change” slogan, and his sincere demeanor…

I’ll admit, I was impressed with him.

I remember watching his acceptance speech after winning the election and being jazzed. I was excited for politics done a new way. I was excited because for the first time, it seemed like a president cared more about the people than politics.

Man, was I wrong and worse…


He suckered me in with the rest of America — it only took about six months for me realize he was the “same old, same old.” Just another cog in the deep state machine…

And over the course of his eight years in office — it got worse.

It wasn’t even the fact that he was a socialist wrapped in democrat’s clothes…

It wasn’t the fact that he didn’t seem to do anything of note, besides impose a new unconstitutional tax on the American people.

No, it was the fact that he made us look weak in the eyes of the world.

So much so, that we’ve had to defend ourselves from attacks to our sovereignty.

Since Obama took power, China has tried to discredit the American dollar in more ways than one, in an attempt to supplant our dominance over the world finance.

They’ve attacked us through trade and actively campaigned to decouple oil from the American dollar. Why? Because we had a weakling in the White House that seemed to acquiesce to every request.

Russia seemed bound and determined to take advantage of our perceived weakness as well — allowing their military to cross or at least skirt our borders with little to zero repercussions.

Under Obama the world lost respect for the United States, and that damage is not easy to repair.

Of course, appearing weak on the international stage is one thing…

But actively creating rifts and dissention among the American people may be the action I can never forgive him for.

Obama himself inserted a racial wedge between whites and minorities in the U.S. with the rhetoric and actions he used with both the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown shootings.

He implied that police officers are racist by regurgitating statistics without context. He said, “African Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites.”

He’s right, that is a correct statistic…

However, what he failed to offer up was that blacks commit murder at almost six times the rate whites do.

Six times.

All he’d have to do is take a trip to his “home” state of Illinois and ride with the brave law enforcement officers of Chicago, who are scared to go into certain areas of the city for fear of being targeted by gangs.

You want to see something truly disturbing? Look up the black-on-black crime rate in Chicago — it’s a chilling reminder that humans can stoop to sub-human levels.

He didn’t stop there with the racism accusations. He said, “[The] African-American and Hispanic population, who make up only 30% of the general population, make up more than half of the incarcerated population.”

Again, he’s right! That is a true statistic, but it’s also true that gangs commit 80% of the crime in America, according to the FBI. Eighty percent.

Oh, and also, according to the National Gang Center, Blacks and Hispanics make up 82% of gang members.

Not only did his rhetoric paint the police as the “bad guys,” but in doing so, he made it seem like white people get off easy. Which isn’t the case!

More white people are shot by cops than all minorities — combined.

Let that sink in.

So, let’s take a moment to list the ways Obama weakened America.

He imposed a hefty new tax…

Weakened the American dollar by passing more stimulus bills…

He made us look weak internationally on multiple occasions…

Made minorities hate police…

Made minorities hate whites…

Am I missing anything?

Hey, at least rappers and movie stars love him, right?

Sigh, if only Obama cared more about being a leader than his image — imagine where we’d be now.

But, man … that jacket was so cool.


“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.” — Aesop