The ongoing kangaroo court in the halls of Congress, also known as the January 6 Select Committee, held its first hearing on Tuesday. And, as expected, it was all a staged production meant to pull at the heartstrings and besmirch supporters of Donald Trump. Leading the orchestration was one of the usual suspects: Congressman Adam Schiff.

Even this long after Trump’s first impeachment, Shifty Schiff is incapable of avoiding a made-for-TV production where he can grandstand and self-righteously pontificate about his moral superiority over the Big Bad Orange Man and his legions of supporters.

Schiff was so moved by the testimony of four Capitol Police officers that he broke down at one point and openly cried on live television.

Wow, way to be a leader, Shifty.

Schiff choked up and said, “If we’re no longer committed to a peaceful transfer of power after our elections if our side doesn’t win, then God help us,” Schiff said. “We deem elections illegitimate merely because they don’t go our way rather than trying to do better the next time, then God help us.”

“And if we’re so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as traitors if they were born in another country or they don’t look like us, then God help us. But I have faith because of folks like you.” [Capitol Hill Police Officers]

Spare us the crocodile tears, Schiff.

Where was this moral outrage when Democrats raised hell in an effort to invalidate the 2016 election? Where was the fury when people chanted “not my president” for four straight years?

Where were those tears for the black businesses that were destroyed by Black Lives Matters rioters last summer? Where was the open mourning for former St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, who was killed in cold blood during the BLM riots?

And we are supposed to believe that this “fact-finding” committee has only pure intentions?

If you believe that then I have a timeshare to sell you in Belize.

We have no reason to trust people like Schiff and Pelosi given their record of exploiting events like January 6 for political gain.

If Schiff was equally as outraged by what happened during the summer 2020 riots, then he would have more credibility on the issue.

It is not whataboutism to compare what happened in the summer of 2020 with what happened on January 6th. It is simply making the point that in order for anyone to believe Schiff, he must be consistent on the issue of rioting.

But he isn’t. Democrats as a whole have the same double standard.

If there was a good faith effort to get to the bottom of what happened on January 6th, then this committee might be a worthwhile venture.

But the Democrats have no intention of being good-faith actors.

The truth is that what happened on January 6th was horrific, and so is what happened during the summer of 2020.

Logically, two things can be true at once. It isn’t a binary proposition.

There are legitimate questions about what happened on January 6 that need to be answered.

For example, why did Capitol Hill police let the hooligans into the Capitol in the first place? Why was there not a significant security presence given the fact that the FBI was aware that such an attack was being planned?

And perhaps the biggest question pertains to the ONE death directly caused by that day’s events: who shot and killed Ashley Babbitt?

These and other important questions so far haven’t even been addressed. Maybe they will become a focus in later hearings, but given the Democrats carefully crafted opening act, I have my doubts.

In all likelihood, we’ll just see more tears.

It should be no surprise that Adam Schiff can cry on command because he represents Los Angeles, home of Hollywood actors. Much like his fellow Hollywood liberals, Schiff can fake tears when the cameras are on.

Who knows, maybe an Academy Award is coming his way?

If Andrew Cuomo can win an Emmy, then why not?

Anything is possible these days.

Welcome to 2021, where, as always, things are stupid.

Adam Schiff should know that better than anyone.