Well, it’s that time of year again…

The time when Hollywood gets even more attention as the list of Academy Awards nominations comes out and the all of Tinsel Town holds its breath in anticipation for who will walk away with Oscars.

The last few years have seen the Academy Awards COVERED in controversy.

In the Age of Wokeness, there wasn’t enough diversity for the mob’s liking, and so the ceremony and the organization itself took a lot of flak for its lack of minority and LGBT nominees.

Of course, there’s a problem with making a stink like this, because it highlights and rewards intersectionality over talent, much in the same way any diversity law does.

Gone is the meritocracy in favor of forced equality—only it isn’t equality at all; it’s just pandering.

If you’re ok with pandering, then you must love the entertainment award shows…

Because at this point, that’s the only reason for their existence.

The Woke World Of Awards Ceremonies

During the televised events, the rich and famous get to use their time on stage to push whatever Liberal movement is biggest at the moment.

For some, that means jumping on the environmental bandwagon.

Sure, they wax poetic and sympathetic on the stage, but they all rode in limos and private jets to get to the event in what many see as the most hypocritical way to waste your two minutes of talk time.

Others push aid programs, bringing awareness to homeless, hunger, or immigration problems…

Meanwhile, they covet their millions and often refuse to give to charity.

At least this year we won’t see any Trump-bashing from the hypocrites. His departure from the White House should take a little wind out of their sails.

Actually, who are we kidding…

We will absolutely hear somebody mention Trump. I’d bet that Vegas has an over/under on it happening, though I’m sure the odds are pretty low.

Back in the day, awards ceremonies like the Emmys, the Oscars, and the Grammys were watched by the entire nation, with viewers at home looking to see the glamor and glitz and maybe even an incredible musical performance.

However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and a decades-long skid in the ratings, there’s a reality that the Hollywood elite simply aren’t facing up to: nobody really cares anymore.

We did at one point…

But the constant lectures by people who are so out of touch with the real world that their hypocrisy goes beyond offensive has really turned their audience off.

People are changing the channel quicker than Liz Taylor switched husbands (that’s a call back for our older readers since our younger readers may not even know who Elizabeth Taylor is).

They’re bleeding ratings, and Hollywood has yet to grasp why.

They want to blame the internet…

They want to blame whatever sports game is on…

They want to blame everything but themselves. The fact is, people are tired of watching these hypocrites politicize everything, and, in fact, are starting to resent the whole entertainment industry.

The Rise Of Apathy

See, I shouldn’t know what my favorite musician or actor’s politics are. We shouldn’t have clue, and if these entertainers were smart, they’d make sure that nobody else knew their politics either.

In today’s politically-charged age, coming out as a Conservative or Liberal simply just turns half the audience off…

By revealing where you stand, it shows contempt for the other side – and who wants to support someone you feel is contemptuous towards you?

Not me…

Which is sad, really, because I now won’t watch the movies of some people who I used to really like watching.

In an effort to keep up with the leading edge of wokeness, they simply have turned themselves into our political enemy—and in the end, it will cost them at the box office.

You’d think they’d have learned this lesson by now, but they haven’t. They’re too stubborn to admit when they’re wrong.

Which brings us back to the nominees for the 93rd Annual Academy Awards.

The crop this year is more diverse than ever (as dictated by the Liberal mob) so at least they’ll be able to avoid that stigma.

However, for the vast majority of America—especially for those of us on the Right—we won’t care.

When whatever host or starlet reads of the name of the list of winners, we simply won’t care because we’d rather avoid the lectures than care about which person is better at playing “make-believe” than the others.

We’ll simply raise our shoulders in a collective shrug and say, “Meh…”

Keep your awards…

Keep your wokeness…

We’d rather watch paint dry.


“Brains, like hearts, go where they are appreciated.” – Robert McNamara