I’m the worst kind of monster Earth has ever known…

I’m solely responsible for the destruction of this planet’s environment, the raping and pillaging of nearly every culture in the world, and the theft of innocent children’s dreams.

I’m a 28-year-old white male born and raised in the United States of America—and in the REAL South to boot.

It’s that simple: white males of European descent are the primary party responsible for the most significant tragedies in human history. If you’re “woke,” then this is your truth.

What does it mean to be “woke”?

On the surface, it’s obviously a slang term; a word in the past tense used to describe a state of being in the present tense. But according to people who are “woke,” it describes someone who’s willing to look through the veil of society’s lies and see the deeper truths.

Lies that have been promoted by a patriarchal monolith of European-descended males who have ruled this planet since their existence. Requiring blind faith, “woke” truths are usually impossible to prove, nor do they match the available evidence of human history.

It’s become a quasi-religion… a victim’s religion.

Most woke people consider themselves to be victims of the Caucasian male monolith. There’s also a growing number of woke white men and women who’ve draped themselves with the heroic cape of “white guilt.” If you don’t wholeheartedly agree with the woke doctrines, it means you sympathize with white supremacists and possibly are one yourself. You’ll be shamed—or even met with violence—for your bigotry. This is the version of “wokeness” being preached by political groups on the far Left.

Symptoms Of Wokeness

Personally, I see symptoms of “wokeness” from extremists on either side of the political aisle. Someone showing signs of “wokeness” is passionately sure they know everything about the state of the world, despite that being impossible. They believe that their minds are much more enlightened than others when it comes to most topics. Numbskulls on the far-Right and Left consider themselves to be equally “awakened”. They refuse to acknowledge the many sides to every story, which usually contains the truth somewhere in the middle.

Dumb people are usually unaware of how naive they actually are.

In fact, as I grew through my teenage years (2003-2010), I started to ‘wake’ up. Being born around the same time as the internet means that we grew up & developed together. As the ideas being shared on the internet became vaster, so did the ideas I was exposed to.

In 1995, private emails & porn were about the only thing the young internet offered, but as a five-year-old, I didn’t care too much for either of those things. But as we grew together, things like AOL instant messenger, Myspace, and other forms of social media began to bring the internet and me closer than ever. Yes, I’m old enough to remember when Myspace was cooler Facebook.

YouTube came on the scene in February 2005, which was pretty awesome to the average 14-year-old. Soon after that, ideas could be sent to me rapidly through a computer in my pocket that came with a phone app. As a young person with very little life experience, I took some of these ideas to heart as truths. After all, these ideas are coming from such an amazing source that’s given me so much: my smart phone that wields the almighty power of the internet.

My “Awokening” Begins

To rewind even further, let’s talk about the principles ingrained in me as a child before anybody worshiped this new godlike entity called “the Internet.” I was taught that all human beings were created as equals. Whether at home, school or church, I was raised to treat anyone from a janitor to the president with basic human respect. I was also trained to love and respect women. My grandmother constantly preached about how to be a gentleman and why I should be one. Most of the men around me were expected to act the same way. Being a gentleman towards everyone was—and still is—heavily emphasized in the southern states.

Contrary to what people think about the South, I was raised alongside African, Asian, Latin, Jewish, Muslim, Indian, and Native American people. At the private Christian school I attended for 7 years, my close friend and classmate was easily the smartest kid in our school. It seemed like he won an award every week. Both of his parents were lawyers who lived in the upscale portion of my neighborhood. He’s black. A close friend of mine every year at summer camp was the funniest kid I knew. He’s black. Two of my closest friends from childhood to this day are Korean. I had countless teachers that were either Asian, Black, or Indian. Members of my church seemed to be from everywhere. My parents had co-workers of all ethnic backgrounds that always treated me the same way I was taught to treat them: kindly.

I’m not trying to put on the “white-guilt” cape to defend myself. My point is that something brought all of these different cultures together enough to raise children side-by-side regardless of religious differences or skin color…

And that something was the idea that all humans are born as equals and deserve the same freedoms and opportunities that are so popular because of the United States Constitution.

The belief in the American dream is what made my town such a pleasant place to grow up. While racists did exist, they were a SMALL minority. I’m aware that not everyone grew up with the same experiences and in many cases had horrible upbringings. Although in a paragraph my childhood might sound perfect, it was far from it.

The main reason for this paragraph is to explain where my belief in the U.S. Constitution comes from when it’s applied properly & equally to everyone. I believe in the concept of identifying each human as an individual and unique soul; not as a member of a group that’s based on race, gender or politics. The Constitution seems to be a humble middle ground between most political ideologies that can be simplified into the golden rule, “Treat each other the way you would want to be treated.”