Boris Johnson, Britain’s Prime Minister, exploded onto the scene like the 2nd coming of Trump, but it appears he’s more like Justin Trudeau than 45.

What the hell happened to Boris Johnson?

When this man first came onto the political radar, he was looked at as something of a maverick, a wild man that held the best interests of his nation too close to his heart.

Even taking that love to the very limits by orchestrating Britain’s exit from the European Union.

His brashness and boldness brought comparison to America’s political maverick, Donald Trump, and Conservatives in both nations were excited for the possibilities of these two men joining forces to take on the global elite.

However, right away, there were some glaring differences between “BoJo” and Trump, and it seemed that the British Prime Minister didn’t have the same kind of respect for Trump as Trump had for him.

Cracks between the two’s relationship were apparent.

And it wasn’t too long till some less than flattering words were spoken by Johnson about the former president.

However, that could be understood. Trump, while incredibly industrious and effective, the fact of the matter is, he has an abrasive personality and can be demanding, so it’s easy to see how a working relationship with the former president could have been a bitter pill to swallow for Johnson.

However, he has since shown signs that he wasn’t as conservative as we thought, and in fact, it seems he may be giving in to the pressures of the woke mob or simply allowing for his TRUE nature and colors to be revealed.

Ripping Off the Disguise of Boris Johnson

The G7 was disastrous for America.

However, it may not have been any better for England.

Johnson either revealed he’s either stupid or the world’s best arse kisser as he compared Sleepy Joe Biden – the president that isn’t in control of his administration– to Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt planning the reconstruction of a post-WWII world.

It was baffling – unless he meant the “reconstruction” of the globalist agenda – as Biden’s people are doing their damndest to put America back on the track it was on under Barack Obama…

However, as I said, Johnson may have revealed his true colors when restated his, and Britain’s, commitment to Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda before the Prime Minister’s wokest speech yet.

Talking to a roundtable of world leaders, Johnson said, “[W]hat the people of our countries now want us to focus on [is] beating the pandemic together, and discussing how we’ll never have a repeat of what we’ve seen, but also that we’re building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way. How about that?”


This is what he said:



Two things happened at that moment…

The first being an explosion of support by the Liberal and globalist elites who were swooning over the PM’s woke words.

Then the second being the breaking of Conservative hearts all around the world.

Listen to those words again, “…building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer, and building back more equal, and… in a more gender-neutral, and perhaps a more feminine way.

Greener, fairer, more equal, gender-neutral, feminine…It’s like he was aiming for every subsection of the Left’s agenda. If that was his aim, then mission accomplished.

Johnson isn’t a Conservative

He’s a Liberal that was disguised as a Conservative, and we took his backing of Brexit to mean a lot more for his values than it did.

We were snookered. We swallowed it whole – hook, line, and sinker – and we look like fools for doing so.

Now, it seems that the working relationship between Johnson and Biden will be more fruitful than the one between him and Trump, and now we know why.

He’s a globalist, and the simple fact is: he fooled us all into thinking differently.

Welcome to the New World Order.

All hail Marx!

“A person’s true nature will reveal itself despite disguise.” –