When it comes to polls — you have to take what you hear with a grain of salt…

But at the same time — you can’t disregard what you hear either.

And when you read the headline, “Four in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism” — you can have two reactions…

First, you can wave a dismissive hand and say, “Those things are always off” — as polls aren’t truly scientific — they’re just people’s opinions, which can change from day to day.


Your OTHER reaction could be, “Holy s#!t, are that many people in America that crazy?!”

But with the popularity of socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC on the rise — it’s not hard to see the second scenario is more likely to be true.

Can you believe it?

In the poll by Gallup (one of the heavyweights in the polling industry), Americans were asked, “Would some form of socialism be a good thing or a bad thing for the country as a whole?”…

And 43% of the people polled answered that they believed socialism would be a “good thing”!

Almost HALF Polled WANT Socialism!

43% equates to four out of 10 — or one out of every 2.5 people asked.

That is almost HALF!!!

Did these people NOT take history in high school?

Do these people NOT own a TV or have the internet, where they can see the horrors of socialism unfolding before their very eyes in Venezuela?

It’s absolutely TERRIFYING!

At least 51% said that socialism would be a “bad thing”…

But still — almost HALF went the other way!

These people are lunatics — and it’s easy to prove.

Another question that was asked by pollsters at the same time was, “During the next 50 years, do you think most of the nations of the world will have a democratic government, a communist government or a socialist government?”

Now, for reference, the answers to this question in 1949 were: 72% saw democratic, 14% saw socialist and 9% saw communist.

Those answers have changed in 2019…

Of today’s Americans, 57% see a democratic future, 29% see socialist and 6% see communist.

How do we know this is crazy?

Because socialism is the just the weigh station on the highway to communism — that’s how it works.

Socialists are just communists who haven’t tasted power yet…

As soon as they do — they can’t get enough. They want more.

You wouldn’t believe how quickly “democratic socialism” can be replaced by fascism and communism — just take a look at Venezuela’s time line to destruction.

The Scary TRUTH About Socialism

Venezuela went from one of the richest countries in the Western Hemisphere — to one of the poorest on the back of socialism, which was supposed to do wonders for the country…

But all it really does is keep those in power IN power, and keep those who don’t on the bottom.

There’s no chance for upward mobility…

Just the promise of free goods and services.

How can an American — ANY American — who was raised in capitalism EVER think that moving away from the most fair and balanced system there is could be the right move?

What has happened to our country that makes people believe that socialism would be anything but BAD for our society?

Have we had it too good?

Have the prosperity and wealth that capitalism created for our country made us a nation of soft people?

Have we forgotten what it’s like to TRULY struggle?

What other answer is there besides the softening of the American spirit?

This is exactly why we need Donald Trump in the White House…

If we’re going to make and KEEP America great again — we have to destroy the myth that socialism is a good thing — and Donald Trump is the best man to do that.

We can’t let LUNACY like this spread!

We need a cure…

And Donald Trump is the doctor.


“Every Communist must grasp the truth: ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’” — Mao