As uncertainty about the direction of America’s national security and economic recovery worsens, gun sales continue to rise to record levels.

Consistent with past behavior when the country’s future is shaky, Americans are rushing to gun stores and purchasing firearms at unprecedented rates.

1.3 million background checks were received in the month of September alone, according to the National Sports Shooting Foundation, bringing the year’s total to 13.7 million in the first nine months of 2021.

The surge in firearm purchases comes after a turbulent 2020 amid never-before-seen pandemic lockdowns and widespread race riots that spread like wildfire from urban cities to the wealthy suburbs.

2020 saw record numbers of firearm background checks and gun sales unmatched by any previous year. However, if 2021 continues on this pace, it could mark the second consecutive year of record-breaking firearm purchases.

A variety of factors contribute to the gun craze happening among Americans, but two of the most pressing likely include fears about national security and economic stability under the current administration.

A Gallup poll released on Wednesday revealed that most Americans favor Republicans’ approach to terrorism and national security over the Democrats’.

54 percent of Americans “now view the Republican Party as better than the Democratic Party at protecting the nation from international threats,” Gallup stated. 39 percent of respondents disagreed.

When asked about “ensuring the nation remains prosperous,” 50 percent of respondents again agreed that Republicans could better accomplish that than Democrats.

Since Joe Biden took office, inflation has been on the rise, illegal immigrants have been flooding into our country, and Americans abroad have been left nearly defenseless against foreign attacks, causing a decrease in confidence among Americans that the current administration is competent enough to keep them safe.

As the U.S. is stuck with Joe Biden and a Democrat-controlled House and Senate for the next year at least, it’s no wonder why Americans are rushing to buy firearms just in case the government fails to protect them.