The Census information is in, and it’s good news for Red States, and bad news for Blue States.

Red States such as Texas, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Montana, and North Carolina all are going to gain one House seat, and Texas is going to garner two seats.

California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, Minnesota, Alabama, West Virginia, and Ohio are all in the hot seat poised to lose a seat, and New York could lose two.

There is a saying in politics that people vote with their feet, and if that’s the case, then Republican states must be doing something right.

It turns out that Americans like to live free from government overreach and not have to pay sky-high taxes and be regulated to death.

Americans continue to flock to the South and West.

According to CNN, “All six states gaining House seats — Texas, Florida, Colorado, Montana, Oregon and North Carolina — are in the two regions of the country that we have seen grow fastest over the past three decades. Since the 2000 census, for example, Texas has gained eight seats while Florida has gained five and Arizona and Georgia have picked up three each. In fact, of the 13 states that have gained seats in reapportionment since the 2000 census, all 13 are in either the South or the West.”

The most obvious comparison between a free state and a repressive state is New York and Florida.

The Empire State has seen a mass exodus of residents moving to the Sunshine State, and for good reason.

Even before the pandemic, when New York locked down while Florida remained mostly open, people were fleeing New York for the good business, warm climate, and palm trees.

Florida’s population has increased to over 21 million and will now have 30 electoral votes in the 2024 presidential election.

New York is going to lose one or potentially even two electoral votes.

Even before this year, Florida received more movers than any other state in 2018. New York’s outflows to the Sunshine State were the highest—67,772 people. New York had the third-largest outflows of any state, with 452,580 people moving out within that year.

And, see, you can actually live like an American in Florida. Individual freedom is the essence of what it means to be an American citizen. It is why millions have flocked to these shores for five centuries. Most, if not all, Americans simply want to have the chance to raise a family, practice their faith, and earn a decent living without the heavy hand of government dictating how they live their lives.

That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Throughout the course of most of human civilization, it was a big ask. That is why America’s radical concept of self-governance, individual liberty, and right to private property is not only foundational but essential to being an American.

If one doesn’t believe in these three principles, they are Americans in name only. That might seem harsh, but America isn’t a country made up of one hegemonic native tribe. Americans are united behind a set of ideals, not a piece of land or a racial identity.

Once we become untethered from those ideals, we risk losing the liberty that millions were willing to die for.

And Americans who still value these ideals are voting with their feet.